Ubuntu 14.09 Touch RTM Stable For Smartphones

Operating System Ubuntu 14.09 based on Linux for Smartphones will release soon. Three months after the launch of the first Ubuntu Phone, the smartphone Chinese Meizu MX4, Canonical has released the very first release RTM (Release To Manufacturing, for instance the stable release) of

Seagate 8 TB Hard Disk Drive

World’s First 8 TB hard disk launched by Seagate. Seagate sets new standards for itself and its competitors, such as the company Western Digital, which is to increase the capacity of their drives created filled with helium Ultra star He6 , announced the world’s


Perhaps each of us had to capture great shots that something was missing. May want to slightly change colors, remove accidentally got into the frame object or just add brightness or contrast. Regardless of the objective pursued, in such situations should seek the help

Facebook starts to punish the link

Mark Zuckerberg had said: ” Facebook needs to point to the quality of the content. ” And so it will, according to the changes made ​​by the algorithm team on the News Feed , which should now avoid – or at least drastically reduce


The Group of Researchers in University of Sao Paulo of Brazil and the University of British Columbia in Canada have developed a spherical display called “Spheree”  that allows users to see three-dimensional objects and interact with them. The technology, called Spheree, is the first