Singham Returns – Ajay Devgan Movie Trailer | Relese date

Singham Returns a sequel of Singham by Rohit shattey. Singham Return release date is 15 August (Independence day) Singham Returns - Recently there was election conducted in India and Modi’s government (BJP) comes in power.

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Blackberry unveiled a square screen smartphone

This is the good news for square screen lovers because Blackberry Passport with square screen will be presented in the market from next September. Blackberry Passport is a device that will be presented on

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Find stable Online Job for an indefinite period by contacting the companies on the Internet With the economic crisis that Europe continues to live each day we have to find a online job. It has become

Budget 2014: A hope for Telecom and IT industry

Arun Jaitley, The finance minister might go to present the budget of 2014-15. Many IT companies are waiting for his budget, like the Telecom’s stakeholders are also waiting for their report. In his report

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